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Grace offers a portfolio of premium products to serve the construction industry

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Concrete and Sprayed Concrete (Shotcrete)

LUDOX® colloidal silica acts as a pozzolanic-based rheology control agent that can be used in both wet and dry-mix applications to boost productivity, reduce cost, and deliver a durable, consistent and safe end product.

In sprayed concrete applications, LUDOX® colloidal silica also provides greater cohesiveness in the mixture, improves sprayability, reduces rebound, and increases layer thickness. The high surface area of the particles accelerates the hydration process, reducing set time and increasing early-stage strength.

Grace’s high-quality GMK-S5 metakaolin is a high-reactivity aluminosilicate pozzolanic additive that significantly enhances the performance of concrete. GMK-S5 metakaolin increases the compressive, tensile, and flexural strength of concrete, mortars, and cement grouts by reacting with the calcium hydroxide, which is a byproduct of the cement hydration process.

Concrete Densification and Polishing

To improve concrete durability, densifiers can be applied to surfaces to improve durability and visual appearance. Grace products are an integral component of mixtures to increase resistance to wear and exposure to water, oil, salt, and other aggressive chemicals.

We offer a range of products that include LUDOX® colloidal silicas, lithium polysilicate, and sodium silicate. All are effective densifiers due to their high reactivity and small particle size. 

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