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VYDAC® Chromatography Resins

VYDAC® chromatography resins have excellent selectivity and reproducibility

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VYDAC® chromatography resins for biopurification and custom bonding

VYDAC® chromatography resin was one of the first platforms for reversed-phase protein and peptide separations and remains a trusted name in biopurification today.

Produced by a unique process based on purified organosilicate starting materials, VYDAC® spheroidal silicas are well-defined, highly pure, totally porous separation resins for preparative and process scale users. Proven in applications for protein, peptide, and oligonucleotide separations, VYDAC® resins have excellent selectivity and reproducibility.

Custom Bonding Capabilities

Grace has extensive experience in bonding different resins. With our expertise, we can develop customized products to suit your specific needs, including:

  • Custom bonding of Grace’s silica (30Å-4500Å; 5µm to 200µm) or other resins.
  • Different reversed and normal phase (C1, C2, C4, C8, C18, Phenyl, Amino, Diol, Cyano), ion exchange, and other chemistries.
  • Batch-to-batch reproducibility.
  • Scalability: Small micron (≤10µm) bonding from 50-g to 5-kg batch size; large micron bonding from 50-g to 200-kg batch size.

GMP compliant management system that meets the stringent requirements of the pharmaceuticals industry. ISO 9001:2015 certification.

VYDAC® Chromatography Resin Portfolio

Recommended for the separation of:

VYDAC® 219TP Diphenyl resin

  • Polypeptides with aromatic side chains
  • Large, hydrophobic proteins
  • Lipid peptides
  • Membrane-spanning peptides
  • Fusion proteins from inclusion bodies

VYDAC® 214TP C4 resin

  • Polypeptides larger than 4000-5000 MW
  • Very hydrophobic polypeptides of any size

VYDAC® 208TP C8 resin

  • Polypeptides up to 10,000-20,000 MW
  • Enzymatic digest fragments
  • Natural and synthetic peptides

VYDAC® 218TP and 238TP C18 resins

  • Peptides less than 4,000-5,000 MW
  • Enzymatic digest fragments
  • Natural and synthetic peptides

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