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SYLOID® RAD Silica Series

A premium matting agent for radiation-cured or hybrid-cured coatings

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Specifically developed for radiation-cured coatings, the SYLOID® RAD silica series offers high matting efficiency and low-gloss levels in coatings for a variety of wood, plastic, and metal substrates. The series is based on a well-defined particle size distribution and controlled silica morphology with a surface modification compatible with the most frequently used resin monomer and oligomer types.

Matting agents for 100% VOC-free radiation-cured coatings

Features and benefits

  • High matting efficiency – “dead-matte” below 10 GU
  • Viscosity control
  • Gloss stability
  • Excellent dry film clarity
  • No detectable crystalline silica

SYLOID® RAD silica grades

SYLOID® RAD silicas are organically treated, synthetic amorphous silica gels specifically developed as high-performance matting agents for radiation-cured coatings. With low thickening and excellent viscosity stability, SYLOID ® RAD silicas provide the benefits of excellent application performance characteristics including easy incorporation, minimum foam/aeration problems, excellent film clarity, and anti-settling.

  • SYLOID® RAD 2005 Silica
    • Broadly applicable, optimal for spray applications
  • SYLOID® RAD 2105 Silica
    • Broadly applicable, optimal for roller applications
  • SYLOID® RAD 3007 Silica
    • Enhanced matting efficiency for selective formulations

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