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HYAMPP® Catalysts and Donors

See what winning looks like in today's market with our 6th generation HYAMPP® catalyst and donor system

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A Family of Catalysts to Meet Your Needs

Our HYAMPP® catalyst and donor suite provide you with our best-in-class technologies serving the polypropylene market and accelerate your success with a high-performing catalyst and donor system.

Demand drivers of the global polypropylene industry stem from new applications, technological advancements and growth of an emerging middle class.  It is a demanding market with competitive forces that require a robust catalyst to deliver results that serve a broad variety of polymer applications with efficiency, superior properties, and compliance to regulations.

Our HYAMPP® 6th generation catalyst offers opportunities for advancement in resin design with its excellent hydrogen response and enables improvements in resin properties via its high activity, non-phthalate donor system. 

Additionally, the HYAMPP® catalyst and donor system enable high isotacicity that translates into excellent stiffness balance for thin-wall injection molding and extrusion grades, as well as, better film properties with better clarity from low ash and oligomer content. 

The HYAMPP® Catalyst and Donor System Advantage

With its high activity and non-phthalate-based chemistry, HYAMPP® catalysts offer advantaged properties across all product types.

HYAMPP® catalyst and donor system improves your product’s properties with cleaner polymers containing lower catalyst residuals over an extensive melt flow range.  And plant performance is optimized by the HYAMPP® catalyst design without any process modifications with smooth operability, high throughput, and less additive usage and peroxide cracking. 

Propel Your Performance and Results Across All PP Process Technologies

The HYAMPP® catalyst and donor family deliver improvements in your process and product results with outstanding productivity, broad portfolio applications, excellent morphology and drop-in technology.

  • High-performing catalyst with excellent activity and low residuals. Strong hydrogen response that provides an extended melt flow range
  • Superior products with improved processability, haze and toughness
  • Low oligomer content and low VOC's
  • Single catalyst for HPP, RCP and ICP with drop-in technology that doesn’t require any process modifications.

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