11401367_890165927715677_5574546957349278485_nI believe that working out should be an enjoyable experience. As a trainer, my job is to guide you through your fitness journey and help you realize your potential.

In order to achieve success with your fitness goals, there needs to be a unified mind-body connection.

As such, my training style fuses yoga, kettlebells, and progressive calisthenics. When you train with me, our sessions will focus on:

  • The philosophy of yoga combined with breathwork, and asanas (poses) to manage stress, develop body awareness, improve posture and increase flexibility
  • Exploring the potential of your own body as the main form of resistance through the use of Progressive Calisthenics
  • Building strength, speed and improving mobility with Kettlebells

I am available for private and small group training sessions. If you are interested in taking one of my classes in NYC, my teaching schedule is as follows:

Bodyweight Bootcamp, Saturday 1pm & Sunday 1pm, Momentum Fitness 


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