Manufacturer of the finest kettlebells and fitness books!

Al Kavadlo

My husband and author of many of my favorite calisthenics books, including Raising The Bar and Pushing The Limits!

Progressive Calisthenics Certification

The best Calisthenics certification where I learned to do the Human Flag, Elbow Levers, Advanced Push-ups, Squats, and more!! Taught by leading Calisthenics authors and instructors, Al & Danny Kavadlo.

HYLETE apparel

Best workout gear!

Xero Shoes

My favorite brand of minimalist footwear. Feel the world!

6 Replies to “Links”

  1. Hello,

    I really like your philosophy and would like to receive your blog posts. I’m a yoga teacher looking to expand my knowledge of fitness and challenge myself in new ways.
    Thank you!

    1. Hey Jennifer, thank you for reaching out to me! I love networking with other yoga teachers, since yoga was the path that led me to calisthenics and my love for fitness and health! Calisthenics and yoga are so similar and compliment each other nicely! How long have you been teaching? 😀

  2. Sorry I overlooked this!
    Thanks for your reply, Grace!
    I began teaching Yoga in 2005 when I was pregnant with my second child. Up until a few years ago I practiced Ashtanga Yoga, now its a slow-flow vinyasa style. In addition to prenatal, I have also taught Ashtanga to incarcerated women, vinyasa, and Yoga for multiple sclerosis. I was diagnosed with a hip impengment about a year ago which has taken me away from a regular Yoga practice. However, in the process of experimenting with other forms of exercise I am finding that the “out of my head” feeling that Yoga brought me can be accessed,
    when I am challenged physically and drop into my breath. I am hooked! Calisthenics gets me outside, which I love, and I am thrilled to feel my body getting stronger! I hope to do some trainings, (perhaphs personal trainer) and combine Yoga to help people “get out of their heads” and get fit.

    1. Sorry I overlooked this! For some reason my WordPress Comments keep getting directed to my SPAM folder. I was looking for a certification program to learn to teach yoga in correctional facilities! Life got in the way, but how do you like it? Calisthenics and yoga compliment each other nicely. Sorry to hear about your hip injury. Has it improved since this last comment?

  3. Truly impressed with your outlook and your level of calisthenics. I don’t tend to come across a lot of top females who do calisthenics (maybe im just looking in the wrong places haha) but it’s great to see. Love reading your hubbys books and use his app but i also find u just as inspirational! Keep up the good work 💪

    1. Greetings Eddie and thank you for this wonderful comment! The female calisthenics community is small but it is definitely growing. There are a lot of former gymnasts who are now embracing street workout and joining groups like Barstarzz and the Inkredibles and have an incredible level of skill!
      I’m happy you’ve read Al’s books! His books and videos also inspired me to train calisthenics, too! Thanks for the encouragement! Cheers!

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