About Grace Kavadlo

Grace (Menendez) Kavadlo is a personal trainer, PCC Team Leader, group fitness instructor, fitness model, and blogger. She is certified in Progressive Calisthenics (PCC), Russian Kettlebell Certified (RKC), Hardstyle Kettlebells (HKC), Original Strength Level 1 Instructor, Yoga (CYT-200) and Massage Therapy (CMT).

Grace has appeared in several books from Dragondoor Publications, including Al Kavadlo‘s Zen Mind, Strong Body, Paul “Coach” Wade’s Explosive Calisthenics& Danny Kavadlo’s Strength Rules, as well as Bodybuilding.com, Shape.com and the New York Post.

She currently resides in New York City, and is available for both private and small group training. Follow Grace on Facebook, or Instagram @Grace_Kavadlo.

Grace’s teaching schedule is as follows:

Bodyweight Bootcamp, Saturday 2pm & Sunday 1pm, Momentum Fitness

If you are interested in personal training, contact Grace for rates.

Hanging Knee Raise








2 Replies to “About Grace Kavadlo”

  1. Grace,,just came upon your site thru one of Als e mails I got from Dragon door.I’m 57,,worked out pretty much all my life..with a determined interest in parkour and body weight training.Have one each of Al and Danny’s books and the 1st Combat Conditioning.Working on several things lately..including a hand stand.You ,Al and Danny are so positive with good advice..it is refreshing.I live in Jersey. Good luck in all U Do.Darryl

    1. Hey Darryl,

      Thank you so much for reaching out to me. Glad to hear you are working out hard and enjoyed reading all those books! If you are ever in the city and want to do a training session, let me know! We could practice calisthenics outdoors at Tompkins park. A lot of the pictures from those books were taken there.

      Have an awesome day!

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