Xero Shoes Jessie Sandal Review

What’s pop’n? You might know by now that I’m about 8 months pregnant. For the last few months, I’ve suffered from swollen ankles and my feet have been feeling super sensitive. It’s been uncomfortable for me to walk around in most shoes. Unfortunately, these symptoms are to be expected at this stage in my pregnancy. Luckily, I got the opportunity to try the new Jessie sandal from Xero Shoes and it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for in footwear!


The Jessie sandals are super comfortable right out of the box and offer just enough support without being too heavy or cumbersome.  They’re perfect for walking, working out or whatever else I need to do. The heel strap really does a great job keeping them in place so my foot stays secure during exercises like lunges, jogging and climbing stairs.


The minimalist design is also perfect for the hot summer weather – plus they look super cute with almost any outfit! I also love that these sandals are Vegan-friendly and are not made with latex. Priced at just $44.99, these shoes are a lot of bang for your buck!


Whether you’re pregnant and looking for comfortable footwear or just interested in trying out minimalist shoes, I recommend you check out the new Jessie Sandal from Xero Shoes!

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