Prenatal Workout Series: EQ Bars Routine

What’s pop’n, ninjas? Today’s workout was a bodyweight routine using the Equalizer Bars. Being the minimalist that I am, I prefer workouts that require little to no equipment which is why I love training with these bars. They are super lightweight and versatile and if you’re creative you can do a ton of exercises on them!

If you’ve watched any of my previous bodyweight workout videos, you’ll notice that I draw a lot of my inspiration from the Convict Conditioning template: Push, Pull, Squat, and Bridge. It’s a great format for hitting all the major muscle groups and getting a great total body workout!

Check it out:

Circuit: 3-5 sets of

Bulgarian Split Squats 5-10 reps per leg

Parallel Bar Dips 5-10 reps

Aussie Pull-ups 10 reps

Elevated Unilateral Bridges 5-10 per leg

Rest 30-60s between sets and repeat

Some expecting women may find this routine to be challenging but there are several ways you can modify it to your level. You can substitute the full parallel bar dips for tricep dips instead with the feet staying on the floor as an assist. The Aussies are surprisingly challenging which is why I performed them with my knees bent. If 10 reps is too much, do 5 or your max instead. And if they are too easy, feel free to attempt these with your legs fully extended for an added challenge. You can also do 3 sets instead of 5. If you need any more ideas for modifications, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or your  question below!

Have fun! Til next time…..peace, ❤ and ninja kicks!

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