Baby Ninja On The Way!

What’s pop’n, ninjas? It’s been a long time since my last post but I’m excited to be back! If the subject line didn’t give it away, Al and I are expecting our first baby! ❤


Part of the reason for my absence was my first trimester was nothing short of hell. You’ve heard of women getting “morning sickness” in the beginning of their pregnancy, well mine was pretty much “all-day sickness” instead. For the first 3 months I was left bed-ridden, unable to workout or train my client. At one point it got so bad after I couldn’t hold down any food or fluids for 72 hours, I had to check myself into an Emergency Room for the night. I lost several pounds and was prescribed anti-emetics to control the nausea/vomiting. I am grateful to my husband for taking care of me and being super supportive of me during that brutal period.

Now I’m about 21 weeks pregnant, and feeling super blessed that the second trimester has been a lot less challenging. I’m off the medications, back to training and work and even felt well enough to take a “Baby Moon” with Al to my hometown, Miami!


It was wonderful getting to visit my family, spend some time getting sun, swimming in the beach and eating a ton of delicious Cuban food! Al and I even spent some time training at one of our favorite outdoor workout parks, Lummus Park.


As far as workouts go, I’ve definitely modified my training to accommodate and compliment my pregnancy. Unfortunately I’ve had to stop practicing most advanced inversions like handstands and abdominal exercises like leg raises and L-Sits, too. Instead I’ve been focusing on doing more squats and deep squat holds to prepare my lower body for the big delivery day! I’ve also been doing more hip openers and exercises to relieve the symptoms of sciatica and lower back pain I’ve been experiencing. Here’s an example of a sequence I came up with while at work:

As per the advice of my midwife, I’ve also started adding in more cardio into my routine in the form of high-rep, low-weight kettlebell swings and rowing.

Overall it feels good to be eating heartily and moving again! I’m looking forward to sharing more of my experiences with training and pregnancy during the next few months with you!

Thanks for tuning in! Peace, ❤ & ninja kicks!

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