Training with 12-Minute Athlete, Krista Stryker!

What’s pop’n, ninjas? Ever since I began practicing calisthenics, I’ve had the opportunity to meet and train with lots of different ninjas from all over the world! I meet folks from Instagram, at the parks, and of course, at the Progressive Calisthenics Workshops.


One of these awesome peeps is my girl, Krista Stryker, of 12-Minute Athlete. I began following Krista on social media pretty early on when I started getting serious about bodyweight training and was searching for other women that were doing it, too.  Krista is the founder of the 12-Minute Athlete app and blog and an amazing calisthenics practitioner! Anytime I’m in LA or she’s in NYC, we always have a blast eating Vegan food and training together. Here is a video of our workout from her last visit:

It’s always a blast kicking it with the ladies of the Street Workout/Calisthenics movement! It’s important to train with other women because our bodies are different than dudes and you can exchange a lot of cues and advice specific to females only. There’s also no ego either, it’s not about competing with each other, but about encouraging and lifting each other up! 🙂

So ladies, find your best gal-pal and get some reps in!


Til next time, peace, ❤ & ninja kicks!

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