Battle Ropes Training

What’s pop’n? As many of you may already know, I’m a total minimalist when it comes to training. The less equipment I have to use, the better! Recently they built a new fitness park in our neighborhood and they installed a set of Battle Ropes. If you’ve never used them before, they are a great way to not only build strength but improve your conditioning, too. The latter being the most appealing to someone like myself that gets bored easily of doing traditional cardio like endurance running.

Here are 12 different exercises you can try next time you get a chance to train with Battle Ropes:

  1. Alternating Waves
  2. Slams
  3. Deep Squat Alternating Waves
  4. Plank Single Arm Waves
  5. Russian Twist Waves
  6. Alternating Reverse Lunge Waves
  7. Deep Squat In-n-Out Waves
  8. Kneeling Alternating Waves
  9. Kneeling to Standing Alternating Waves
  10. Cossack Alternating Waves
  11. Straddle Waves
  12. Alternating Stage Coach

Do all 12 movements consecutively for 30s work and 30s rest for 3 rounds!

Have fun! Til next time, Peace ❤ & Ninja Kicks!


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