Learn to do the Human Flag!

What’s pop’n, ninjas? Today I’m going to show you some progressions towards the human flag.

First up, find a sturdy, vertical pole that you can get a good grip on. I like to grab with the bottom hand facing toward me thumbs down and the top hand twisted all the way around facing toward me thumbs up. This grip tends to work well for women and it’s the one you tend to see in pole dancing. If you don’t have the flexibility for this, you can grab with a standard overhand or underhand grip.

From here you’ll need to generate power from your hips and legs to jump yourself into a tucked flag position. Aim to get your hips high in the air with both legs bent and your arms fully extended. This position allows you to get a feel for the move with the best possible leverage.

It will take some trial and error to get the timing right and learn to generate enough force to get your body to stay in the air. It can help to think about turning your hips upwards as you kick to generate more power. Also think about pushing with your bottom arm and pulling with your top arm. Remember we are aiming for straight arms – try not to bend at the elbows. The pull and push should happen from your shoulders and lats more than your biceps and triceps.

After you get a feel for this tucked position with your hips up, you can try to extend one leg and slowly begin to lower your body down toward a horizontal position.

Make sure to keep your whole body tense. Take a few minutes of rest between efforts as this move can be very intense on your joints.

The human flag is an advanced calisthenics skills and can take time to learn. Be patient and most importantly have fun!

If you want to train for the human flag and learn other calisthenics skills/exercises in person then come to one of our Progressive Calisthenics workshops. We’ve got several events coming up. Click the link below to learn more and hope to see you ninjas at a future PCC!

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 3.33.37 pm

Til next time…peace love and ninja kicks!

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