4 Ways to get into a Handstand

What’s pop’n, ninjas?

One of my favorite aspects of calisthenics is the element of creativity.

Take the handstand for example: Do you know how many ways there are to get into one? A lot! For most folks, it comes down to personal preference, but it’s good to mix things up, as each method has its benefits.


Here are some of my favorite ways to get into a handstand:

1.) Grounded Hands Kick-up:  Starting with your hands already on the ground helps establish a firm grip and a gazing point to focus on before initiating the kick. This method is also useful, as it allows you to use your back leg to guide your hips into position above your shoulders. I usually prefer to look either in between or slightly ahead of my hands.

2.) The Dive:  This can be intimidating for some because it involves basically diving into the ground from a standing position and trusting that you will be able to time your kick-up quickly. For others, this method can be more accessible than the grounded hands kick-up, as diving into the handstand allows for more momentum to propel yourself into position. A common mistake I see with beginners is diving too far ahead, which makes aligning the body for the balance more difficult. Instead, aim to place your hands only a few inches away from your lead leg.

3.) Frog Hop: This one’s great for folks who need more power from their legs to propel their hips over their shoulders. By initiating the launch from a frog squat position, you get more power from both legs. Remember not to place your hands too far ahead of your feet, and keep your elbows extended throughout the entirety of the movement.

4.) Crow Press: This is the most advanced of these four methods, and is typically an option only for those who have a good amount of handbalancing experience under their belt. This method involves beginning in a crow pose and then timing the pressing of your arms with the extension of your legs upwards. It helps to gaze a few feet ahead of your hands and stay focused on that point until your legs are fully extended overhead, at which point the gaze can move in between the hands.

Thanks for tuning in! Happy Handstands!

Til next time, Peace ❤ & Ninja Kicks!

2 Replies to “4 Ways to get into a Handstand”

  1. Loved the post. The easiest handstand for me to do is the diving handstand. I have tried the crow to the handstand but it is hard for me to keep my balance. Another easier way to balance is to keep your head straight and looking behind you.

    1. What’s pop’n? Thank you for checking out my post! I’m glad you liked it. I do love practicing handstands! They are a blast! I’m sure you’ll get that crow to handstand one day if you train for it. That one was tough for me for awhile, too, but with consistent practice I got it! Have a rockin day!

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