Pull-ups Tutorial for Women

What’s pop’n, ninjas?

Having the ability to do pull-ups has made me a more confident woman and calisthenics practitioner. It took a lot of practice and consistent training, but getting my first rep was an EPIC moment I’ll never forget!

Pull-ups are tough for women, but not impossible! You CAN do it!

Al Kavadlo and I are here to show you how to get your first rep, ladies!

I hope this tutorial helps inspire you to train for your first pull-up rep or improve upon your current personal record. Remember, it takes consistent practice, a positive mental attitude and patience to get your first rep, but it is totally worth it!

If you have hit a plateau in your training or need some tips for improving your form, I am available for in-person and online coaching.

Email me for rates and more information!

Til next time, peace ❤ & ninja kicks!

3 Replies to “Pull-ups Tutorial for Women”

    1. What’s pop’n? Thanks so much for check out our tutorial! If getting a pull-up is one of your goals, then be prepared to work hard and be consistent about your training! Pull-ups are definitely challenging for women, but getting that first rep is a MAGICAL experience! Follow our progressions and with patience and persistence you will get good at them! Hope this helps!

      1. Thanks dude. I’m still in the beginning stage of consistently working out. Definitely appreciate the reality check of “be prepared to work hard and be consistent about your training”. That gets my head in the right frame of mind ❤

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