The New Lena from Xero Shoes


What’s pop’n, ninjas? I love to train barefoot or with minimalist footwear. Some people are nervous to try this, but the truth is, without conventional footwear, you strengthen your feet and improve your connection to the ground. It’s personally helped me fix a lot of problems with my feet, like ankle instability, weak arches, and general foot pain associated with intense bouts of walking.

My go-to brand has always been Xero Shoes, and up until now they’ve only created sandals or huaraches. While I love my Z-Trek Sandals, they are not always weather appropriate for winters in NYC, so sadly they’ve stayed in my closet lately. However, when I heard that they were launching a closed-toe shoe, I jumped at the opportunity to try on a pair of the new Lena from Xero Shoes. It was love at first wear!

Not only do they come in one of my favorite color schemes: black and red (tango red), but they don’t require a break-in period at all, like most shoes do. While I normally prefer slip-on shoes, these come with very minimal lacing and are easy to lace-up in a jiffy. These shoes are so light-weight that it feels like you’re just wearing a sock. You can really feel connected to the earth beneath your feet but the sole is still thick enough to provide some cushioning.

I have small feet but they are really wide. What I love about the Lena is the wide “toe-box” really allows me to walk without my toes feeling too enclosed. I can spread my toes out nicely. As a trainer in New York City, I’m on my feet constantly, demoing exercises, or running around town from client to client and the Lenas are perfect for my lifestyle.


Since I mostly train calisthenics and practice yoga, I often do my training barefoot indoors. But when I train outdoors, the Lenas are perfect for protecting my feet and still providing the feel of being barefoot. They are flexible and they really mold to your feet without feeling “restrictive.”

The first day I wore them I received a ton of praise from my clients and other trainers. They look really “ninja-like” is the word on the street. I like that they offer them in 1/2 sizes, too.

The price point is great for a quality shoe that not only looks good but will improve the health of your feet. If you’re interested in trying out a pair for yourself, they come in a variety of color schemes and are 20% off until February 26th — two more days! Click the link below to get yours NOW!

Til next time, peace, ❤ & ninja kicks!!




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