31 Days of Handbalancing Challenge Results

What’s pop’n? I recently hosted a 31 days of Handbalancing Challenge for the month of January that has finally come to an end. I was stoked by how many ninjas joined in on a month-long quest to bust out as many different handbalancing poses as they could manage. At the end of the month it was a tough decision for me to pick a winner because so many of the participants were super consistent and creative with their photos.

Ultimately, the winners were Amy Millar, of Los Angeles, for most likes on one of her photos; Olivier Dubois of France for consistently doing ALL the poses and with the best form; and Rafael Menendez & Cristie Di Matteo of Puerto Rico for bringing the thunder all month together! picmonkey-collage-copy-3

Overall, I was super impressed with the high level of skill of many of the participants, some of which had never tried many of these moves before. Here are some of my favorite photos from the month:



This contest had such a great turnout that I’m excited to do another one again, soon! Be on the lookout for that and the chance to win some other great prizes!

Til next time, peace ❤ & ninja kicks!

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