The Way of the Iceman

What’s pop’n, ninjas?

I was born and raised in Miami, then lived in Cali for almost a decade. In both places the weather is warm year round so there is pretty much no such thing as winter.

Then I moved to NYC, and adjusting to the winter cold has been absolutely brutal!  So I was thrilled to find out that Dragondoor recently signed a new author, Wim Hof, a.k.a. The Iceman!


If you don’t know the Iceman, he is quite a superhuman. He’s run marathons in the Artic Circle and climbed Mount Kilimanjaro bare-chested and in shorts several times! He swims in the freezing canals of Amsterdam during the winter and he attributes it all to mastery of breathing techniques. He’s also a dedicated yoga and calisthenics practitioner!


So I was excited about diving into his latest book, “The Way of the Iceman” to learn his breathing techniques, with the hopes of eventually embracing the cold weather.

The Way of the Iceman gives you a bit of backstory on how Wim became the Iceman and then goes on to instruct you in his method. I’ve always been a big advocate for breathing exercises in yoga so I knew this book would be right up my alley. Ever since reading his book, Al & I have actually been taking cold showers as part of the “cold training” pretty much every day!


Cold training, according to The Way of the Iceman, is not only good for adjusting to freezing temperatures, but also for improving your immunity, metabolism, and even weight loss. There is a lot of personal anecdotes in the book from some of his students who’ve climbed Mt Kilimanjaro also bare-chested with him as well as the science explained behind his method. I highly recommend you check this book out! It’s a quick read with methods that are easy to understand and apply instantly.

It’s been helping me have a new appreciation for winter this year. Taking cold showers is tough at first, but can be invigorating and energizing the more you practice. Lately when I step outside into the cold, I have more awareness of my breathing and practice the exercises he describes as I walk around the city. This year I’m finally ready for winter!

Check it out, ninjas and enjoy the holidays!


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