The Bodyweight Master Pull-up Bar

What’s pop’n ninjas? I’m stoked that we recently got our new free-standing pull-up bar for the apartment! The Bodyweight Master is Dragondoor‘s latest piece of fitness equipment and it’s better than just your traditional pull-up bar.


This bar is really sturdy and has several attachments that can convert it so you can practice Australian pull-ups, all types of dips, leg raises, and even train the human flag! Check it out:

We are over-the-moon that we will be able to train all these bar calisthenics moves in the comfort of our apartment during the winter months! Beats going to the park on snow days! 😉

For more information about the Bodyweight Master, check out Dragondoor, and order yours NOW! The holidays are right around the corner, so don’t forget to gift one to your fellow ninja friends and family! ❤

Til next time, peace ❤ & ninja kicks!


2 Replies to “The Bodyweight Master Pull-up Bar”

  1. Great write up here Grace. That bar station is ideal for bodyweight movements, especially for when the weather isn’t the best. I don’t suppose you can advise info on dimensions of this rig at all?

    Best regards


    1. What’s pop’n Tommo! Thanks for tuning in as usual, brotha! =) Here is some information about the dimensions straight from Dragondoor’s site:
      Additional product details include:

      2 detachable Dip units and bars which can be mounted at 7 different heights
      1.5″ diameter, 5″ circumference Pull Up Bar
      7 adjustable Pull Up bar heights: from 5’ 2″ to 8’ 4″
      Easy assembly & disassembly
      3’ 11″ wide x 4’ 11.5″ long base provides strong stability
      Wobble free
      Holes in the base allow unit to be screwed into the floor, for additional stability

      Hope this helps! It really is a solid bar! And it fits right in our doorframe so it’s less “in the way” in the middle of our apartment!


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