Diesel Discourse with Krista Stryker

What’s pop’n ninjas? This week I had the honor of chatting with another of my female calisthenics inspirations, Krista Stryker. Krista is a blogger and the founder of 12-Minute Athlete, the popular fitness app and website for all your HIIT workout needs!


Krista and I officially met while she was in NYC a few months ago and we got to finally train together at good ol’ Tompkins Square Park. We worked on everything from handstands, to flags, to elbow levers and even some partner exercises, too! She impressed me with her down-to-earth attitude and high-level hand-balancing skills!


On this episode of Diesel Discourse, we discuss:

  • How Krista broke into the fitness industry and became a trainer
  • How she was inspired to start 12-Minute Athlete
  • Drills she practices to help her achieve a solid handstand
  • Calisthenics skills she is currently working on
  • How she fuels her ninja activities on a vegetarian diet
  • Krista’s favorite places to train around the world
  • Advice for anyone who needs help staying motivated with their training

Check it out:

For more information about Krista Stryker, check out:

  1.  Krista’s Website
  2. Krista’s Facebook
  3. Krista’s Instagram

Thanks for tuning in, ninjas! Til next time, Peace, ❤ & Ninja Kicks!

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