Why Calisthenics?

What’s pop’n, ninjas? I’ve learned so much about myself since embarking on my calisthenics journey –from unlocking new skills, to meeting awesome people in the community, including my hubby, Al Kavadlo! When you embrace bodyweight training as a way of life, you never have any excuses not to train because the world can be your gym!

If there was ever an awesome commercial promoting calisthenics training, it would be this video right here! Ch-check it out:

What inspires you to train calisthenics? If it’s the accessibility of being able to train anytime and any place, then you may need to look into getting this awesome pull-up bar from Dragondoor.com! Behold the Bodyweight Master, Dragondoor’s first ever free-standing pull-up bar!

Click me! 

Al & I are super stoked to be getting ours shipped soon! It can be kinda brutal to train outdoors during the winters here in NYC, but luckily with our at-home pull-up bar, we can still get some reps in! This pull-up bar station is super sturdy, and has some cool features, including attachments to do dips as well as Aussie pull-ups, too!  Click the link above to get yours now and be on the lookout for our official review coming up soon!

Til next time, Peace, ❤ & Ninja Kicks!


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