Traveling Drills

What’s pop’n? A lot of ninjas ask about the length of my workouts and my answer usually varies. Some days I can train anywhere from 1-2 hours and others if I’m pressed for time, only 20 mins.

The following video includes 5 of my favourite traveling drills that are great as a warm-up or can each be performed for several rounds as a quick total-body workout if you are in a pinch without any equipment. Check it out:

Toy Soldiers are a great way to warm-up your hamstrings and legs for exercises like squats. Begin standing tall and using a bit of momentum kick one leg towards the opposite hand. As you kick, rotate your torso towards your leg to get a nice stretch throughout the sides of your body. Try your best to keep your legs as straight as possible, but if you have limited mobility you can practice with a slight bend in your knee.

Skips are a happy medium between jogging and jumping and can be a great way to elevate your heart rate! I like to practice them coordinating opposing limbs in order to tap into my vestibular system and get in the zone to train. Jump as high as you can as you bring your opposing elbow in towards one knee and then repeat on the opposite side. The fun thing about skipping is it’s difficult to perform without a huge smile on your face! 🙂

Walking Lunges are always a classic in the realm of bootcamp drills. When practiced correctly, they not only warm-up your legs, but also your abs and upper body, too.

As you step forward, think about bending your back knee to keep your chin vertical in the front leg. Do your best to roll your tail bone under to keep your pelvis in a neutral position and your abs engaged at the bottom position. Step your feet together again and continue traveling forward, changing your lead leg each time. You can have your hands on your hips or in front of your body depending on personal preference.


Inch Worms are a great way to warm-up not only your legs, but also your abs and upper body, too.

Begin by reaching your arms up lengthening your torso and then pushing your hips back behind you as you fold your body forward. Place your hands on the ground and walk yourself out to a plank. Do your best to avoid letting your hips sag in the plank position before walking your feet in towards your hands and returning to a forward fold.

Ideally, you want to attempt to keep your legs as straight as possible during the entire exercise. However, if you have limited mobility in your hamstrings, it can be helpful to bend your knees as you fold forward and reach for the ground and again while walking your feet in towards your hands.

Bear Crawls are the final drill in this series and definitely one of my favourite of these exercises. This deceptively simple looking drill is by far one of the best exercises for not only tapping into your vestibular system but also strengthening your arms, abs, hips, legs, wrists, and ankles!

Begin in a table-top position with your hips aligned over your knees and your toes curled under. Your back should be flat and your shoulders should be positioned directly over your elbows and wrists with your palms flat on the floor. Your knees should be lifted about an inch off the ground with your shins parallel to the earth. Pick up your right hand and left foot off the ground and begin traveling forward doing your best to keep your back flat and your abs engaged. Take small steps to ensure your shins remain parallel to the ground. These can also be done traveling backwards as well.


Don’t worry about whether it’s 20 mins or 2 hours, just move more & have fun! 😉

Thanks for joining me today, ninjas! Til next time, peace, ❤ & ninja kicks!

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