Diesel Discourse with Kirsty Grosart

What’s pop’n? On this week’s edition of Diesel Discourse I got to chat with GMB Trainer, Hand-Balancer extraordinaire, and all-around bodyweight ninja, Kirsty Grosart.

When I first saw Kirsty’s videos and photos online, I was absolutely blown away by her skills! Some of the moves she is known for like the straddle planche, front lever, and one-arm handstand, I’d only ever seen performed by dudes before.


We finally met in person at a GMB hand-balancing workshop in NYC and then again when Kirsty attended the Progressive Calisthenics Certification last June.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How Kirsty was a gymnast until she was 19, and then started training calisthenics as an adult after building a homemade gym in her garage
  • How Kirsty became a lead trainer for GMB Fitness
  • What calisthenics moves Kirsty is currently trying to conquer
  • The craziest places she’s traveled for workshops and wackiest locations she’s practiced handstands
  • Kirsty’s experience at the PCC workshop and some of the PRs she set that weekend
  • How Kirsty became a Vegan and how it impacted her training
  • How Kirsty overcame an injury and became stronger because of it

Check it out:

If you want to learn more about Kirsty Grosart, click the links below:


4 Replies to “Diesel Discourse with Kirsty Grosart”

  1. Excellent interview! Kristy is the #meanest. Totally agree she’s inspirational and motivational for sure.

    Great work Grace


    1. Thanks Waero! I’m so glad you liked the interview! Kirsty is an amazing person, she is so skilled and yet so humble! I love that about her! I hope to keep interviewing more badass women!
      You rock!

  2. Wow, I already thought the moves you can pull are crazy and she’s even crazier! Great inspiration and work from you two — sending this post to my wife right now 😉


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