Diesel Discourse with Antoniette Pacheco

What’s pop’n? Last week I got to chat with a woman who has been one of my fitness inspirations, Antoniette Pacheco. When I first got into street workout a few years ago, she was one of the first women who inspired me with her videos and photos.



In the following interview we discuss how Antoniette:

  • Began practicing calisthenics during her time in the military.
  • Got her first job as a personal trainer at a health club.
  • Finds time to exercise and eat right as a busy mother.
  • Met her boyfriend, Frank Medrano.
  • Transitioned to a Vegan lifestyle without sacrificing her strength training.
  • Refuses to give up no matter what life puts in front of her.

We also discuss general advice for people getting started with calisthenics or those looking to adopt a plant-based diet.

Check it out:

Click here for more information about Antoniette Pacheco and the vegan supplements she uses, Function Supplements.

If you want to see more interviews like this then let me know with your comments and questions below! Thanks for watching!

Peace, ❤ & Ninja Kicks!

6 Replies to “Diesel Discourse with Antoniette Pacheco”

  1. Oh I loved it! I like how the interview is like a skype video conversation which makes it a little bit more personal. And also, it was my first time watching Antoniette speaking and not just reading a post by her. I see why she inspires so many people. Please keep up the hard work both Grace and Antoniette. You are great motivation of mine. Greetings from Bulgaria.

    1. Greetings from NYC, Gergana! Thank you so much for checking out our discussion. It was such an honor getting to chat with Antoniette who was one of my first calisthenics inspirations! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. Be on the lookout for more interviews with inspirational female calisthenics athletes ❤ Cheers!

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