Just the Vegan-ing


What’s pop’n, ninjas? It’s been almost one month since I’ve transitioned to eating Vegan. I remember initially feeling apprehensive about making this announcement to my readers and friends for fear that I would not be able to follow through with the commitment.

There have been several times in my life that I had attempted to make the change, but failed after a few weeks. At the time, my resolve was not strong enough and I didn’t have the support system that I have today. However, after I made the announcement of my decision to go vegan on social media, a wonderful thing happened. I had an outpouring of ninjas in my network who immediately reached out to congratulate me and offer their help! ❤

I am super grateful to all these folks for their support during this important transition in my life. With their knowledge and guidance they have made this first month so easy for me! If you are looking to embrace eating a plant-based, cruelty-free lifestyle then check out these awesome coaches:

Markos J.K., the Warrior-In-Chief of For Your Liberation :

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 2.01.20 PMScreen Shot 2016-05-24 at 1.40.44 PM

Markos was one of the first people to personally reach out to me and congratulate me on my decision to become a Vegan. I have been following his blog “For Your Liberation” for some time now and knew that he had a lot of experience thriving on this lifestyle and was excited to have his support. His process was very thorough and involved sending me a list of acceptable grocery items that I had to choose whether I liked or disliked so he could put together some customized meal plans for me. Markos is a knowledgeable and encouraging coach and I am grateful for all the wonderful information he has bestowed upon me.

Click the links above to scope his blog or check out his Instagram @foryourliberation for more information.

Amy Millar Health & Wellness: 

Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 2.29.17 PM

Amy and I have been friends for several years and she’s always been an awesome inspiration for me. She’s a champion NPC National Bikini Competitor, fitness model, personal trainer and a Health Transformation Specialist residing in Los Angeles, CA.

“I believe that when it comes to making a healthy life change, one of the most crucial tools is a POSITIVE attitude! To let go of negativity and begin to embrace a positive, healthy mindset!”

Amy definitely practices what she preaches, with her contagiously uplifting attitude, and compassion for all living beings, she is a joy to be around. She offers online coaching and one-on-one sessions as well.

She can be reached on Instagram @amymillar Twitterhttp://twitter.com/AMYLMILLAR or click the picture above to be directed to her Facebook page.

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 1.58.06 PM

And finally, I have to give it up for my man, Al Kavadlo, my number one supporter! Though he’s still eating meat and other animal products, he’s been helping me whip up some awesome meals at home that we can both enjoy, and he’s been open to checking out new Vegan-friendly restaurants around town, too. I ❤ you, papi!

I have noticed some pretty awesome side effects since adopting a vegan diet:

-My energy levels are through the roof and steady throughout the day.

-I don’t get that “food coma” feeling after eating big meals.

-My sweat doesn’t have much of an odor anymore, even after working out! I definitely don’t reek like I used to.

-I feel like I am not as sore after workouts and have a quicker recovery time between training sessions.

Be on the lookout for upcoming interviews in the next few weeks with some inspirational vegan athletes, coaches, and more!

Til next time, peace, ❤ & Ninja kicks!

4 Replies to “Just the Vegan-ing”

  1. Hey Grace, that’s awesome to hear!!! Congrats. Now, maybe Al will be encouraged to join you. I have been lacto-vegetarian/quasi-vegan for longer than I remember, and my wife leans even more towards the vegan side than I do. My vegetarianism has to do with my Krsna conscious spiritual tradition, but I have found that it ties in nicely with progressive calisthenics.

    Anyway, that’s totally great that you have transitioned. Reading through your list of noticeable differences in your training and recovery was really interesting. I have heard similar things from people who have done the same thing. I was already well entrenched in my vegetarian diet when I became serious about cals, so I didn’t have any of those noticeable differences. Anyway, cheers!!!!!

    1. Hey Paramesvara, thank you for the encouragement and support. I don’t want to make Al do anything he doesn’t want to do. He has been eating more veggies lately, though. 😉
      I’ve definitely met a ton of diesel calisthenics practitioners that have been vegan for several years and have inspired me to embrace this lifestyle.
      I’m happy with all the benefits I’ve seen thus far and looking forward to seeing what other positive changes may continue to happen if I continue eating this way. Great to hear from you, Cheers!

  2. Hey Grace! Good you on for the positive transition in your lifestyle. I’ve been curious regarding the aforementioned benefits of going vegan as I have a very good friend here in NZ who had made that change awhile back and also had similar benefits you listed. I haven’t entertained the idea of going vegan mostly due to not really knowing what it’s all about and a real lack of understanding.

    As always, best regards to you an Al. Keep on rocking!


    1. Hey Tommo,

      Thank you so much for your encouraging message. I’ve been wanting to go Vegan for quite sometime now because I have such a deep love for all beings –cows, chickens, pigs! 😀 Being a part of the calisthenics community really inspired me to take the plunge because I’ve met so many amazing bar athletes that are vegan and are not suffering in their training from lack of eating meat. If anything, they are thriving! I thought I would miss meat more, as I’ve been a dedicated meat eater for years now, but after seeing the benefits of this way of eating, I don’t think I want to go back! You can always try it for a week or two, just for the experience and so you can come to your own conclusion if this lifestyle works for you or not. Experience is always the best teacher! If you do decide to do so, I highly recommend you scope out some of the blogs I mentioned above so you can educate yourself! =)


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