Handstand Drills Workout

What’s pop’n, ninjas!?! This past year I’ve become obsessed with training my hand-balancing skills. If I could give up all my other calisthenics skills to become a master at handstands…I totally would!

This week’s edition of Workout Wednesday is a routine based around several different handstand drills I have been practicing this year that have helped me improve at this magical skill. Check it out:

In other news, today is the first day that I officially become a Vegan. I have been experimenting with vegetarian/vegan diets since becoming a yoga instructor in 2011 but never could fully bring myself to commit to the lifestyle.

Recently, I reconnected with a wonderful friend from Los Angeles, who has been a Vegan for the last year and a half and is completely devoted to the cause. I told her my apprehension about fully committing to the cause, and she recommended I watch a movie called “Earthlings.” She said it would be difficult to watch, but that it was a very honest portrayal of the torture and mass slaughter animals are subjected to every minute of every day just so we can eat meat.

Watching that movie was all it took to strengthen my resolve and join this cause. I am not here to preach to any of you to also join in, but I wanted to hold myself accountable for these actions by broadcasting my intentions to all of my readers today.

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 5.24.14 PM

I am both nervous and excited about making this change in my life. I know at first it will be difficult to adjust, but in time, it will just be as ingrained in my lifestyle as training calisthenics. It is something that I must do for my physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. I want to do everything I can to reduce my carbon footprint and be a voice for these tortured living beings. We are all Earthlings, after all. ❤

Love & light, ninjas!

11 Replies to “Handstand Drills Workout”

  1. Hi Grace, thanks for sharing the workout and welcome to the vegan community.
    No only animals will love you.
    I would like to see longer workouts and to more beginner exercises to handstand. I’m also working on handstand but found that I first need to work on my core. Interestingly I cannot yet lift my legs straight in headstand as you do. My monthly challenge for May.
    Take care greeting to Al.

    1. Greetings Martin,

      Thank you for the warm welcome! My main MO is to be one less person that eats living beings.
      I love getting inspiration from my readers for workouts. I will definitely put together a more beginner handstand workout. As far as longer workouts, do you mean like 5+ mins? I don’t usually make videos that long, I just suggest rep ranges/sets for the user to do at their leisure. You should work on the first movement in that video for building core strength: the hollow body hold. That is a gymnastics drill that can help you become a better athlete across the board!
      I’ve been working on my headstand for 5+ years now, which is why it seems so effortless…it wasn’t always so! Keep training hard and I will work on a handstand video that may be more appropriate for beginners! Thanks for the inspiration!


      1. Hi Grace

        yep, I thought about 3+ min for a video. Sometimes this simply helps me to better understand the exercise and to work on it myself.
        Thanks for the idea with the hollow body hold, I already started with it, but need to intensify.
        I started working on my handstand now for roundabout 5 month, so I will strengthen my patience.

        Thanks for sharing

    1. Hey Melanie,
      Nice to see you on here! Thanks for checking my blog out. My apprehensions were slightly selfishly based on losing “gains” that I’ve made in my strength training. I was scared that switching to a non-animal based food source would make me less strong in a lot of calisthenics skills. But I have found a lot of support in the vegan community and from my friend Amy and Markos who are helping design meal plans based on my level of activity.
      Thanks for asking! And I definitely plan on making some of your recipes, too!

      1. I wouldn’t judge your apprehension as selfish. I think it a sign that you think for yourself. Very cool. Thanks for clarifying!

  2. I have just ventured to becoming a vegan in the past 2 month- my experience has been the pros outweigh the cons- I’ve never felt better :-). Were you always flexible or did you develop it as an adult? I just began reading your husband’s book Stretching Your Boundaries with the hope of learning strategies to increase flexibility.

    1. Greetings Michelle,
      I’m happy to hear you’ve had a positive experience transitioning to veganism. I’ve been yo-yoing with the idea ever since studying for my yoga teacher training back in 2011. I’ve been an on and off with it for a few years now. But I’m happy to just dive in this time! I’m a better and more confident cook then I was back in the day, and I think that will help me feeding myself appropriately and getting in all the nutrients I need to thrive. Stretching Your Boundaries is a wonderful read! I’m glad you are enjoying that as well!

  3. Hi Grace! Congratulations on becoming vegan. We need more vegans in the strength based world to debunk all of the myths around gains=animal protein. You will be a bright light. Thank you!

  4. Hi Grace! Congratulations on becoming vegan. The world needs more strength based vegans to debunk the myth that gains = animal protein. You will be a bright light. Thank you!

    1. Hey NYCGrrl, thank you! I’ve had the honor of meeting and training with a few vegan athletes that are so DIESEL and it really inspired me to finally commit to this way of life. I’m already seeing the positive results of this diet in such a short time. I feel blessed to have a network of positive people like yourself that have reached out to me for support which makes me feel NOW is the time to embrace it! I look forward to meeting you at my class at Momentum next week! Just a head’s up the class time changed to 1pm. I hope you can still make it!

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