SCC II in NYC & Miami

What’s pop’n, diesel dolls & dudes? The onset of Spring in NYC is definitely a lot colder than I had hoped, but thankfully I got a brief reprieve from the weather by visiting my family in Miami this past week. I loved returning to my old stomping grounds where I enjoyed relaxing in the sun in 80+ degree weather, some much needed jacuzzi time, eating Cuban food, reconnecting with my childhood friends, and getting to train outdoors with my pops, stepmom, and sister, Elvi!

After I returned from my trip, it was right back to work assisting Al at the 2nd ever SCC in NYC at Nimble Fitness on St. Mark’s. This was our first time hosting a workshop together and it was an awesome experience!

As usual, this workshop attracted a host of AMAZING folks from ALL walks of life coming together to share our enthusiasm for and train calisthenics! There were a few ninjas from Crunch gym, yogis, and aerial silks practitioners, as well as a father and son team! All were super enthusiastic to be there and brought their own unique perspective and energy to the workshop.


The SCC is Dragondoor’s 1 day version of the PCC which is an entire weekend long. We teach attendees Coach Wade’s primary progressions for his “Big 6” exercises: Squats, Push-ups, Pull-ups, Bridges, Inversions, and Abs. This is a great beginner “crash course” for those who may be interested in attending the PCC but cannot commit to the full weekend or just want a “taste” of what these awesome workshops have to offer. During the event, attendees play both the “Coach” and the “Student” so they understand how to cue and teach these exercises to folks of all levels of fitness and leave feeling confident in their ability to do so.


At the end of the day, the attendees are “required to demonstrate an adequate level of bodyweight strength and technical expertise in order to pass the certification.”

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 10.20.56 AM

This was also my first time leading the Bridge module on my own! After assisting at several workshops with Al & Danny around the world, I felt confident that my level of enthusiasm for this modality of training as well as my extensive experience teaching these exercises to my clients and former attendees would shine through, and I think it did! 🙂


Taking the PCC 3 years ago really transformed the way I train myself and the way I train my clients and having the opportunity to share that passion and knowledge with others is a dream! There’s something really beautiful about total strangers with nothing in common except their interest and passion for bodyweight training coming together for a day or a weekend and leaving as friends and colleagues. ❤


It’s really exciting to be part of the calisthenics community and street workout movement! I’m stoked to announce that the next workshop I will be assisting Al at will be in Sydney, Australia on September 23-25th. If you sign up by May 30th, you will receive a $300 discount off admission price!

Hope to see YOU at the next PCC or SCC! Til next time, Peace, ❤ & Ninja Kicks!


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