New article on & Neuro-Grips

What’s pop’n diesel dolls & dudes? My latest piece just dropped on! This one is for the ladies who are interested in transitioning to bodyweight strength training and have a pretty solid foundation of the basics!

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 8.55.19 AM

Click the link above to check the article out! There’s also a workout included!

In other news, today’s training solely consisted of a set of Neuro-grip Push-ups! If you’ve never heard of these before, they are basically stability handles that can challenge even the most seasoned push-up practitioners. I only managed to crank out 15 reps before I tapped out. Check it out:

My goal is to eventually get to 30 reps! Click the photo below to order yourself a pair! I challenge you to find out how many Neuro-grip push-ups you can do! 😀

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 4.33.46 PM.png

Til next time, Peace ❤ & Ninja Kicks!

2 Replies to “New article on & Neuro-Grips”

  1. Thanks Grace. I’ve seen these used before although I’ve never used them myself. They certainly would up the ante on the reps.

    Do you happen to know the material they’re made from and perhaps the dimensions at all? Are they a “one” size fits all kind of thing?

    Cheers again and keep the great content coming


    1. Hey Waero! Great questions! Basically the neuro-grips give you a stability challenge, and can help you find any “energy leakages” in your push-up game, like using too much momentum, or areas in your body where you need to tighten up. They are made of steel, and are about 2″ inches wide and like 5″ inches long. Plus the stand is equal to about 5-6″ tall. They are a “one-size fits all.” And they work great! Hope this helps!

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