2015 PRs & more!


What’s pop’n ninjas, it’s almost 2016! It’s been an amazing year for me and I wanted to just take stock of all the wonderful feats, PRs, and noteworthy events that transpired this year!

  • 2015 was a HUGE year for travel and I got to visit Germany, Italy, London, and Amsterdam and assist at the PCC workshops!


Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 11.42.50 AM

  • I married my best friend and the man of my dreams, Al Kavadlo! ❤


  • And we got ourselves a new puffy friend named, Puffy! puffy
  • I did my first ever press to handstand:

  • I also started to make progress towards my back lever with this one-leg variation:

  • Did my first ever Meathook in Munich


  • Inspired by my man getting his first Dragon Pistol, I did one, too!

  • Finally began making HUGE strides towards my human flag!

  • Did my first ever Lotus Forearm Stand

  • Made a new international street workout friend, Isa Bell from Barstarzz Germany!


  • And finally achieved my first Dragonfly pose!


I’m excited to see what awesomeness 2016 brings! I want to thank all of you ninjas who supported my blog and all my fitness endeavors this year! Without you, there would be no Diesel Grace!

Til next year, PEACE, ❤ & NINJA KICKS!


2 Replies to “2015 PRs & more!”

  1. Hey Grace, thanks for all your inspiration. A few for me I was certified to teach Yoga and PCC in 2015!!!!!!
    2016 I want to share what I learned, putting together a class combing the two. Still working on the PCC moves I am rocking the pistols and dragon flags💪😃 peace health and love to you😃💪joyce

    1. Happy New Year Joyce! It was such an honor getting to be there for your PCC and congratulations on your yoga certification too! If it weren’t for yoga I wouldn’t be here today chatting with you! Glad you’re still at it keeping up with your skills! It’s a long but fun process and I’m excited for when you nail those two moves! Peace and love to you! ❤

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