Workout Wednesday

Greetings Ninjas! For today’s workout we have 15 different exercises, grouped in 3 separate circuits. The exercises become progressively more challenging as you move forward. Try to rest anywhere from 1-2 minutes between each round and complete the circuit in 30 minutes or less!

Round 1:

30 lunges (15 R/L)

10 Close Push-ups (knees-down if you can’t perform full reps)

10 Feet Elevated Aussie Pull-ups

30 second N-Sit Hold

30 second Neck Bridge

Round 2:

20 Close Squats

10 Feet-Elevated Push-ups

5 Straight Bar Dips

20 second L-Sit Hold

3 Wall Crawls

Round 3:

10 Assistols (5 per leg)

10 Pike Push-ups

5 Neutral Grip Pull-ups

10 Straight Leg Raises

30 second One-Leg Bridge Hold (15s R/L)

5 Replies to “Workout Wednesday”

  1. This was a GREAT workout for me today and a fantastic way to round out 2015 here in NZ. Thank you for all you’ve contributed this year Grace. I’ve learned so much, been challenged on ideas and more importantly have had the privilege to be one of the many whom hold you in high regard

    Many blessings to you and Al as we all progress forward into 2K16.

    Sincere regards

    Waero (aka Tommo)

    1. Happy New Year to you Waero! I gotta say I appreciate someone of your high-level in calisthenics even attempting to do these workouts! That makes me really HAPPY!
      2015 has been a new beginning for me putting myself out there, and I’m so blessed to receive a positive reaction from readers. Meeting you (and your crew) via the internet has been an honor! I really hope one day we can all meet in person!
      Any skills goals for 2016?
      Cheers, bro!

      1. Greetings and happy New Years!

        Thanks for the kind comments Grace, but in truth I’m not a high level anything lol. Its a bit self effacing but its the truth. Your workout came at a great time when i was considering what i might do to honor the end of a good year. It was challenging (in particular the bridges and wall crawl). I video’d the entire session for my own page and it didn’t come out too bad i reckon.
        Putting yourself out there is a pretty courageous step (and one I’m slowly coming to terms with myself). I’m glad you’re a role model for other people in particular the ladies. As such whenever a female friend talks to me about calisthenics / body weight,, i often refer them onto your FB page.

        As for 2016…..well, skill wise…i haven’t anything pinned down per se. I will be commencing with GMB’s Rings R2 program this year and i imagine that will be a culmination of many skills that i haven’t fully had the chance to pursue (ie: Front Lever etc).

        Thank you again and please keep up the great content.

        Best Regards


  2. This is such a great circuit to try out on my ‘off’ days, awesome Grace! I wish you a wonderful and blessed new year with tons of success!

    1. Happy New Year Marco,

      So happy you are going to try the workout on your “off” days. Yeah, I try to keep them relatively simple since I know a lot of folks that are trying them will be mixed levels. You working on any specific skills lately?
      Thanks for all your support and hope your new years is a badass one, ninja!

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