Workout Wednesday

Today’s edition of #WorkoutWednesday is an isometric circuit.

3 rounds of 30 second holds of the following exercises:

-Bottom of a Squat


-Wall Sit

-Hollow Body

-Wall Handstand

-Bar Hang


Do you have the patience to stay still? Go Ninja Go!

Til next time….

Peace ❤ & Ninja Kicks!

4 Replies to “Workout Wednesday”

  1. Dear Grace

    Hi, thanks for the great workout ideas. Did the isometric holds this week after my main workout and felt great. Look forward to next workout Wednesday.

    I’ve been practicing pull ups and lead up exercises recommended in your earlier post. Getting stronger, but not there yet.


    Cheng Kit Sent from my iPad


    1. Hey Cheng,

      Thank you so much for writing to me and trying out the workout! I am glad to see you’re keeping up with the Wednesday Workouts and will definitely continue to post future ones! Isometric holds are awesome because they challenge your mental fortitude as well as your muscles! Glad you gave it a go!
      Keep practicing your calisthenics regularly and you will definitely get stronger! It’s all I do for strength training and it has totally transformed by body! Plus its fun!

      If you have any ideas for future tutorials let me know! I always love hearing feedback from my readers!

      Take care!

      Peace, ❤ & Ninja Kicks!

    1. Yeah there’s definitely a mental fortitude you have to develop in order to get through some of those statics! Haha, your mind usually wants to give up before your body does! Glad your digging the content! I’ll do my best to keep it fresh! 😀 I appreciate your support and comments!

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