Thursday Training at Tompkins

Happy Thursday Ninjas! Today was quite a beautiful day in NYC — a sunny 72 degrees and perfect for training outdoors at Tompkins Park! Al and I did 60 squats to warm-up beating our record of 50 reps at our last training session. Nothing fancy, just basic bodyweight squats that really start to make your legs feel like mush after rep 30.


Then we spent the rest of our training session working on skills like the handstand, front flip, human flag and elbow lever. While for most people these might seem like some serious exercises, we consider them more skill practice because they are less rep-based and more about tightening up transitions, balancing, or attempting a move like the front flip that we don’t have much experience with.

DSCN8468What I love about these particular skill-based sessions is how quickly you forget how much work you are actually doing. We were having such a blast filming each other attempting hand springs and holding handstands, that it didn’t really feel like we were working out, until near the end of the session our bodies were more fatigued than our spirits were!

Here’s a video of my attempts at a front walkover/flip/handspring, not exactly sure what you would call this move, but it was super fun to practice!

Since I’m forever working towards a full human flag, anytime I’m at the park I practice my vertical press. It used to take me several jumps to get to the top position, but I think my body is finally starting to dial in the muscle memory to pop right up! This is really exciting for me even though I know I’m a long way from the full press flag! I haven’t had much of an opportunity to practice the flag on a vertical pole. Hopefully I can replicate these successful attempts on one, too!

I also did a few crow presses to handstand, with only one attempt that was actually noteworthy. Unfortunately we didn’t catch it on camera…so til next time on that one. As far as my handstand goes, it’s all over the place. Some days are good, others not, but I am finding a lot of success with holding the straddle variation for time. I got a good 10-12 second hold today:

I feel blessed to have found a modality of training that consumes me! I can’t tell you how awesome it feels that working out doesn’t ever feel forced because I love practicing calisthenics. It feels amazing to manipulate my body through all these different planes of motion without needing a schmancy program or equipment to train with. All I need is my ninja spirit and maybe a bar! 😉

Til next time, peace, ❤ & Ninja Kicks!

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