PCC Amsterdam was DOPE!

DSCN1640Al and I just returned from an amazing week in Holland! I’ve always wanted to visit Amsterdam since I was a little girl listening to my pops regale us with stories of his time in Europe. Holland was one of his favorite countries and I knew one day I would eventually visit, and I finally did! Al and I arrived a few days early so we could do some sightseeing before the PCC in Haarlem. I was in awe of all the beautiful, old architecture, the friendly people, and of course the red light district was a trip! 😉

DSCN1617I love cities that are built around water, after all, I’m a Cancerian and I grew up in Miami, city of canals and beautiful beaches. I’ve always found it very comforting being near a body of water, probably because it reminds me of my childhood. The air is fresher, the view is stellar, and the seafood is always awesome!

IMG_5769We ate a ton of great food to fuel our walks around the city, like mouth-watering steaks served up with fries and mayonnaise (Yep, you heard correctly…I ate my fries with mayonnaise, as is the custom there. It was surprisingly good!) and fresh caught herring with pickles and onions! That was definitely one of my favorite dishes!


I also had one of the best donuts of my life! I had to have it after seeing a photo Al posted in his latest book Zen Mind, Strong Body of this so-called “Forbidden Donut” he ate while he was in Amsterdam last year for PCC. It was DY-NO-MITE! ❤

Forbidden Donut

After wrapping up our quasi-honeymoon in Amsterdam it was time to get to work! We headed to Haarlem by train to Training Centrum Helena, this amazing gym that hosted PCC last year! The space was ideal, with bright green, matted floors perfect for practicing calisthenics, pull-up and human flag bars galore!

11923557_10152969013201364_7372530317212396866_nWe had an incredibly strong group of 30 ninjas in the house for the certification. As is custom at most PCC’s that I’ve had the honor of assisting at, the group bonds almost instantaneously over their love of practicing calisthenics. We had 5 females in the group that were so strong and eager to try out every move! I love feeling that instant kinship with my bar sisters, because we are few! Most street workout/calisthenics practitioners tend to be predominantly male so I love encouraging and coaching ladies that are proud to be part of this growing community! I’m proud to say all of them passed the Century Test!

12015168_10152972248746364_6765871982299091192_oPR’s were being set all weekend, friendships forged, and before we knew it, the weekend ends with the infamous Century Test. Now if you’re not familiar with the PCC test, it goes as follows:

Women: 40 Squats, 30 Knees-Down Push-ups, 20 Hanging Knee Raises, 10 Australian Pull-ups

Men: 40 Squats, 30 Push-ups, 20 Hanging Knee Raises, 10 Pull-ups

The test is 100 reps of the foundational bodyweight exercises that a candidate is expected to perform with perfect form after enduring three 7-hour days of intensive calisthenics training. It is a lot more challenging then you think! And I encourage anyone who doubts it to sign up for PCC and take the Century challenge. 😀

12031594_10152972245351364_1525252741164693390_oBut at the end of the 3 days, if you pass, you have the honor of calling yourself a certified PCC Instructor! It’s a blast training with the Kavadlo’s and I encourage all trainers, calisthenics aficionados, and people of all ages and backgrounds to attend this certification. It will change the way you train yourself and/or your clients for the better! The calisthenics community is a FABULOUS, and friendly one that is always looking for more ninjas to join our ranks!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post, and a BIG congratulations to all the newly minted PCC Instructors! Keep spreading the bodyweight word!

12006418_10152962502301364_5110005918421687203_oTil next time, Peace, ❤ & Ninja Kicks!

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