Rings of Power and New Moves

Happy Friday Ninjas! I’m excited to announce the release of Mike Gillette’s new book Rings of Power.  Now if you’re not familiar with Mike Gillette, you should be! He’s an amazing dude in the Dragondoor community, holds several Guinness World Records of Strongman feats, has a black-belt in several martial arts and is a pioneer in the field of mind skills offering coaching for improving breakthroughs in mental performance!

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 12.24.56 PM

His new book is all about learning to get stronger using suspension training with gymnastics rings! The book is beautifully laid out with full color photos of all the exercises and even has Senior PCC Adrienne Harvey demoing some of the moves! If you dig TRX training then you’ll love this book! Click the photo above to purchase your copy TODAY!

DSCN0664 My first official Summer in New York has been a dream! The weather is amazing and the city is buzzing and thankfully Tompkins Park has not been closed while they revamped the basketball court! I ❤ training here! I attempted my first elbow lever on fingertips yesterday inspired by an email I received asking me if this was possible! It is! 😉 Now I’d like to work up to a one-arm elbow lever on fingertips, that would be epic.

I’m always inspired by my boyfriend and coach, Al Kavadlo to push my limits and try out new moves! Recently he’s been working on this esoteric squat variation he calls the Dragon Pistol. While I’m not able to do the complete expression of the move, I did manage to pull off an easier variation! Check it out:

Wanna learn how? Be on the lookout for Al’s tutorial next Tuesday on the PCC Blog!

Peace, ❤ , and Ninja Kicks! 😉

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