UK PCC, and New Group Classes

Elbow Levers at Buckingham Palace!

Greetings ninjas! It’s been an exciting last few months traveling around the world assisting at the PCC with this last one in Newcastle! Al and I got to kick it in London for a few days before the event, touring the city! It was awesome! We got to see Big Ben, the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, and hang out in Camden Town!


The actual PCC workshop was also a hit! Yet another spectacular event filled with super strong and super cool people! We also had several ladies in attendance, which makes me happy that more females are joining the PCC ranks!

Straight Bar Dips with a Smile! :-)
Straight Bar Dips with a Smile! 🙂

In other news, I’ve been featured on websites like, the PCC blog, and now more recently!

This latest article was inspired by a workout I designed for days when you want to swap your usual cardio routine for more exciting and explosive movements like kettlebell swings and clapping push-ups. These types of ballistic and plyometric movements can elevate your heart rate and get you sweaty and stronger in no time!

Click the picture below to read the article and try the workout for yourself! I’d love to hear your comments and feedback if you give it a go!


I’d also like to announce some opportunities to train with me in person if you are in the New York City area. I have a few new classes that I will be adding to my weekly teaching schedule. Check ’em out:

Bodyweight Bootcamp 10:00am Momentum Fitness, every Sunday! This class is based around Convict Conditioning methods, focusing on building strength using bodyweight-only exercises. Circuit-style training infused with Calisthenics skills practice where you’ll learn progressions towards dope ninja skills like handstands and elbow levers! Click the image below to sign up or email

Bodyweight Bootcamp in session every Sunday!

Yoga for Ninjas 11:30am Momentum Fitness, starts this Sunday, July 19th!   Yoga infused with progressive calisthenics, for a powerful flow class focused on improving overall mobility, relieving stress, and strengthening your entire body. This class is awesome for calisthenics and yoga practitioners or anyone looking to learn ninja moves from BOTH disciplines.


Power Yoga 6:45 am Crunch 34th St, starting Monday, July 27th! Vinyasa flow class with postures focused on improving overall mobility, building strength, relieving stress and learning foundational hand-balancing skills.

Everybody needs a lil Yoga in their life! 😉

Hope to get the opportunity to train with you ninjas! Peace, <3, & Ninja Kicks!

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