PCC Guatemala & Beardy Apothecary

What’s pop’n ninjas? I’m super excited that Dragondoor is bringing PCC to Latin America!! We will be invading Guatemala City November 13-15th 2015!

I had the honor of meeting and training with our future hosts and now certified PCCs at the PCC-NYC a few weeks ago and they were really excited about the prospect of hosting this certification at their space Zuperfit. And now it’s really happening!! Soooo dope!


I love the idea of having more latin hermanos y hermanas joining our calisthenics crew! Bringing a whole lotta spiciness into the calisthenics community!

If you are interested in possibly attending this event be sure to click the link below for more info. Early-bird discounts apply for those who sign up NOW!

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 4.56.31 PM

In other news, I got a pretty awesome care package from my friends Karen & Beardy over at The Beardy Apothecary. They make a pretty sweet line of beard and ponytail balms/potions! What’s awesome about this product? They are made from all-natural ingredients and essential oils, and they have multipurpose uses. Don’t have a beard or a ponytail? No problem! You can use them as hand care if you have some hardcore callouses from kettlebell training!

PicMonkey Collage

This lil tin can solve any and all of your moisturizing needs from leave-in conditioner, to cuticle cream, to lip balm, tames frizz, minimizes razor burn, and even leaves your dry-cracked heels from flip-flop feet in the summer feeling nice and smooth like shea butter! The ladies ponytail potion even has a nice rosewater scent! Love it! Be sure to check em out. Also the ultra-convenient small package is TSA-approved for flight! 😉

Use coupon code: NINJAGRACE25 to receive 25% off your first order! 😀


Well I hope you are having an awesome week, amigos! Looking forward to assisting at the first ever PCC in da UK next week! Keep on spreadin dat ninja love!

Peace, Love, & Ninja Kicks!


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