thirty48 socks & Sun Salutes


I’m a big fan of compression socks and I came across this amazing brand called recently that I absolutely love. In case you’re not familiar with the science behind these socks, let me fill you in!

Compression socks and sleeves are excellent for increasing blood flow in the legs, which helps limit blood pooling from long bouts of standing, improves recovery time, and helps the legs warm up quicker for training.


Usually runners tend to use them, but as an outdoor yogi I also find them to be very valuable. If you practice yoga you can attest to how difficult it can be to warm-up in the first few minutes of class. I usually practice in the morning, and that’s when my body feels the stiffest. Practicing in my socks allows my calves and ankles to warm-up quicker especially in poses like Downward-facing dog and Uttanasana (Intense Forward Fold). Here’s a video of me practicing Sun Salutation A at Tompkins Park this morning:

What I also love about this brand thirty48 is they have a huge assortment of colors and styles to tantalize my fitness wardrobe needs!  So whether you’re a runner, yogi, or just looking for proper fitness foot gear, definitely check em out!

Be sure to use the code GMENENDEZ20 at checkout for a discount of 20% OFF your order! Buy em now, thank me lata! 😉



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