Germany/Italy PCC

DSCN9684What’s pop’n diesel dolls & dudes? Just returned home from my first international PCC tour with the Kavadlo Bros! Our first stop was in  Munich, Germany to hands down one of the most amazing gyms I’ve ever been to: KRABA! This gym is perfect because it has a huge open floor, some kettlebells, a few barbells, monkey bars, flag poles, and pull-up bars galore. Not one damn machine in the vicinity. Everything you need to train and nothing more! Our host Robert Rimoczi and crew were super welcoming and hospitable and made us feel right at home! We had a pretty diverse group of 25+ people ranging from trainers, to IT’s, figure competitors, accountants, etc. –all Calisthenics aficionados!


The event was a blast! People in this group were strong and daring to try every move we demonstrated! I even felt daring enough to try a move that I had been curious if I could perform for sometime: the mighty meathook! All that collective energy puts you in a mood to play and sure enough after my first attempt and with some stellar coaching from Grandmaster Al, I nailed it!

DSCN9679It’s so dope to be able to add new moves to my arsenal. Ever since attending my own PCC over a year ago, I’ve been consistently making strides. It was never easy, and that’s what I love about this type of training, it goes beyond just stacking weights on a bar and counting reps. When you train for skill, it consumes you, you become the movement. That discipline then transfers into everything else in your life…making you feel more confident about trying anything new!


Thankfully in between Germany and Italy, Al and I had a bit of downtime to go sightseeing! We visited Marienplatz in downtown Munich for the day and then headed out to the beautiful city of Florence for a few days, eating amazing food, and of course, taking street workout shots!


After that much-needed downtime in Florence and Milan, it was back to work at PCC Alessandria! I wrote a post all about my experience there on the PCC blog:

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 6.27.01 AMIt’s been an epic 2 weeks assisting at both workshops, but it’s great to be back home in good ol’ NYC! The weather is finally warming up and I’m ready to keep training that muscle-up! Til next time, ninjas!

Peace, ❤ & Ninja Kicks!

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