TRAIN for Her

What’s pop’n ninjas! Super excited to announce my latest article “Mastering the Chin-up” is available for you to check out in the latest issue of TRAIN for Her! Be sure to check it out!


In other news, yesterday I had the opportunity to teach a mini-bodyweight workshop for my fellow trainers at Crunch. I was promoting the Kavadlo brother’s 1-day intensive workshop next Friday!

If you are a trainer interested in expanding your knowledge of progressive bodyweight training, be sure to check this out! You will learn progressions for your clients for moves like the Squat, Push-up, Pull-up, Bridges, Leg Raises and Inversions.

PicMonkey CollageI had an awesome time training with my co-workers and expressing my enthusiasm for being a bodyweight ninja! This was a mighty strong group. We worked on everything from pistols, to levers, and even an intro to hand-balancing.

I was grateful to have an opportunity to practice presenting this curriculum in front of a big group to prepare for assisting the bros at the upcoming PCCs in Munich, Germany and Alessandria, Italy later this month! If you are interested in possibly signing up for this or upcoming PCC’s click the link below to check out future workshop dates!


Hope everyone is having a diesel Saturday! Stay strong, friends! Peace, <3, and Ninja Kicks! 😉

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