CC3: Explosive Calisthenics

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What’s poppin ninjas!? I wanted to share some exciting news with you: Convict Conditioning 3: Explosive Calisthenics is officially on SALE TODAY! If you are not familiar with Coach Paul Wade’s Convict Conditioning series but are looking to explore the potential of bodyweight training, then look no further than these books. When I was getting into this type of training, this book along with Al Kavadlo’s Pushing the Limits, became my bibles!

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Why do I dig progressive bodyweight training? Well for one thing, there are so many variations on moves that will keep me busy for a lifetime. I’ve only been training calisthenics for the last 2 years and have come a long way from barely even being able to do a push-up to now banging out 1/2 superman push-ups, elbow levers, and handstands! Yet I’ve only hit the tip of the iceberg because there are still so many moves I want to conquer! Practicing calisthenics ignited a passion in me for training that I never thought I would have had. I always look forward to every training session as playtime.


I am also proud to say that I’ve been featured as a fitness model demonstrating several moves in CC3!! I feel like I’m living the dream! A little over two years ago I was just reading this book and now I’m modeling some badass plyometric moves for the last in the series!

Check out my latest vid in honor of the release of CC3:

Click the link below to get your copy now and have an epic day, ninjas:

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2 Replies to “CC3: Explosive Calisthenics”

  1. Dear Grace. I have just read you article on weight training and yoga which i found informatiive. i like yoga and need to incorporte weight training and your body weight (pull ups etc) into my routine. So much to do so little time how do you do it when a yoga class can take 60-90 minutes and what about cardio? I just do not know where to start! Best wishes. Salky: London

    1. Greetings Salky! I’m not sure if you received my private message but I’ll totally answer this again! Start off with yoga 1-2xs per week. Most classes are around 60 minutes long, if you enjoy the hour, then maybe shoot for a 90 minute class. I like to practice yoga on my recovery days to minimize soreness from more strength-based workouts. Cardio, can also be a once a week session, too. Sometimes I’ll jog to the park before I work out for a warm-up and to get my heart rate elevated! Don’t fret! YOU can do it ALL!! 😀

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