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Greetings ninjas! So much has happened over the last 2 weeks: been to Cali and back to NYC! It was great getting a reprieve from the cold but it’s sweet being back home! My first ever bodybuilding.com article came out!  The article was aimed towards the ladies who are training to get their first pull-up! The article was so well-received that I have been invited to be a regular contributor to the site! Be sure to stay tuned for my next piece! Feel free to click the link below to read it: Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 11.55.30 AM In other news, Al and I flew to L.A. the week prior to PCC for a mini vacay which was sweet! We went to a friend’s wedding in Koreatown the first night and then hung out with my girlfriend Auxy, who took us on a hike through Griffith Park up to the Observatory! The view was breathtaking! IMG_9002


After we parted ways, we drove out to Santa Monica, where Al and I trained at Muscle beach and hung out for a few days! I love training at that park because you end up witnessing such a high level of Calisthenics talent! It seems like everyone on that beach can do one-arm handstands and muscle-ups all day! I also did a photoshoot for my next article that will be published in TRAIN for HER magazine! DSCN0099 We got in a few workouts and training sessions in before finally heading over to Encinitas for PCC! I had been looking forward to this event for sometime since we had the opportunity to go back to Cali, my ol’ stomping grounds. I also knew a few of the folks that were attending from Facebook and I was excited to officially meet them and cheer them on all weekend!  The event was held at Master RKC, Max Shank’s gym, Ambition Athletics. I had also been here previously for my HKC about a year ago! It was a group of about 25 people, 3 were women, and even a few latinos in the bunch! I got to assist Al and Danny Kavadlo and Senior PCC Adrienne Harvey along with David Colon, this badass Puerto Rican Calisthenics coach! The attendees were a mix of backgrounds from soldiers to scientists all bound by their love for Calisthenics! There was even this amazing attendee named David Rodriguez who was an amputee and was such a light the whole weekend. He attempted every move in every module and passed the Century test at the end of the weekend! It was moving and beautiful and I felt blessed to have been there to witness that feat of passion and strength! Amputee davidshot Overall the weekend was a blast, and at the end of PCC, I always say the same thing, “I wish it could last forever!” You meet these people and become like brothers and sisters almost instantly! When I think back to my childhood and how difficult I always found it to fit in with the cool crowd, I just laugh. Who knew that as an adult I wouldn’t need to “fit in” anywhere, that I would be fortunate enough to find a group of fitness weirdos just like me! Congratulations to all my new PCC brothers and sisters!! As Danny says, “The posse just keeps getting bigger!” I’m looking forward to hopefully assisting again in the future and meeting more ninjas! In the meantime I’ll just keep blogging, training, and spreading the word about PCC!!! Thanks for reading! Peace, ❤ and Ninja Kicks!!! Group photo

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