Zen Mind Strong Body


HIIIIII-yaaa! Comin at ya with more amazing news! Acclaimed bodyweight expert, YouTube superstar, Master PCC Instructor, and my baby, Al Kavadlo just recently released his latest book, Zen Mind, Strong BodyThis book covers everything from Al’s personal favorite blog posts, philosophy on fitness, diet, cardio, calisthenics and cultivating the spirit of the “Beginner’s Mind” into everything you do! I am honored to be included in some of the photos as a fitness model demoing some Calisthenics exercises! Here’s a sneak-peek of one of the photos in the book:


It’s been a big year for me, moving to NYC from Cali, being featured in books like Coach Paul Wade’s C-Mass, Danny Kavadlo’s Diamond-Cut Abs, Zen Mind…, and the soon to be published Convict Conditioning 3: Explosive Calisthenics! I have nothing but gratitude for all these amazing opportunities and confidence that I am on the right path doing what I LOVE training and inspiring myself and others to be healthy, confident, ninjas!

Al and I have also been working on some partner Calisthenics! We actually made our first video in our living room today! This was a fun way to spice up our regular separate training regimens. If you’re interested in learning more about some moves you can work on with your friends and loved ones, you should definitely check out our friends, Rosalia Chann and Angelo Grinceri’s site, Couples Calisthenics! They’ve got all types of cool moves to make any workout mad romantic, B! 😉

Hope you have a badass Wednesday, Diesel Dolls and Dudes! Stay tuned for more videos and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!

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