The PCC-Milwaukee Experience


This weekend I had a blast assisting at the Progressive Calisthenics workshop at Drench Fitness in Milwaukee! We had attendees from all walks of life coming together to learn the art of practicing and teaching Calisthenics from bodyweight masters, Al and Danny Kavadlo!


The curriculum is based on Coach Paul Wade’s Bodyweight Bible, “Convict Conditioning ” and is a grueling 3-day seminar breaking down the foundational movements: Squats, Push-ups, Pull-ups, Bridges, Inversions, Leg Raises, and even the Human Flag!

The last day of the workshop is the Century Testing, in which each athlete must demonstrate the “near to perfect execution” of 40 squats, 30 push-ups (Knees-down for the Women), 20 Leg Raises, and 10 pull-ups (Aussies for the Women) in 8 minutes. Now if you’ve never tried this workout, it is no joke! It is especially challenging after training for 3 days straight! There were a few people that did not pass, but fortunately they had their fellow attendees there to cheer them on til their final rep!

I was especially proud of the women that attended this workshop! These ladies were banging out equally impressive feats of strength as their male counterparts! These are the type of women that we need in our PCC crew to inspire other women to practice Calisthenics!


There’s nothing more fiercely feminine than having the strength to completely control and recruit every muscle in the body in order to perform moves like the One-Arm Push-up or the Support press!

Lori Crock, RKC Team Leader and newly minted PCC ninja performing a support press!

The posse keeps getting bigger!!! If you are interested in deepening your knowledge of Calisthenics whether for your own practice or to train others, the PCC is by far the best bodyweight cert out there!

I am stoked to report that I will also be assisting at PCC Encintas in January 2015 at Ambition Athletics!

Check this link below for more information and dates of when PCC will be invading your town next:


Thanks for tuning in, Diesel Dolls and Dudes! I hope to one day see you at a future PCC!

Peace, Love, and Ninja Kicks!

G to the Izzle

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