Handstands and Happiness


One of the most important revelations that made me the person I am today, was that I alone am responsible for my own happiness! When you realize that no matter how chaotic it gets on the outside, how you choose to express your reactions to any situation is EVERYTHING. How does this apply to training? Yesterday, I chose to bum myself out, frustrated by what I perceived at the moment as a plateau in my training.

I went out to Tompkins to train and had some moves in mind I wanted to practice: The rollover, some muscle-up regressions, advanced dips, etc. Every rep I missed, I took like a shot to the heart. During my rest periods, I would watch some of the other guys training effortless muscle-ups and practicing explosive parkour moves and my mind was just racing and ranting and went something like this “I suck, what am I doing!?!” “These people are way better than me, I should just give up!” Bla, blaaa, blaaa.

Finally, on my walk home, my monkey mind abated and I had a moment of clarity, and thought about some of my own clients, and how they’ve expressed similar personal sentiments to me when watching me train or demo a move that they are learning. Just how I looked up to all these guys who had been training Calisthenics longer than I have, my clients look at my skill set and feel the same. It is my responsibility to uplift their confidence, and help them embrace the level they are at so their own insecurities don’t keep them from training! But at the same time, it all has to come from within and YOU need to BELIEVE in yourself in order to ACHIEVE what you want out of life! 

Some good did come out of my practice; my handstands were on point! I have been practicing going into them from standing, but now I decided to switch my launch from stand to frog squat and then jumping into it with both legs together! It had a sweet effect, and I was able to do some legit holds for several seconds! Great success!!

Handstands make me happy!
Handstands make me happy!

Anyways, just a heads up, if you are interested in acquiring some dope training gear, I am a big fan of the HYLETE brand! Here I am in the picture above rocking their shorts, which I LOVE! Click the picture above to be redirected to their site and at checkout make sure to use the code GM25 to get 25% off your first order!! 

Have a wonderful day, diesel dolls and dudes and thanks for tuning in!

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