Road to the glorious muscle-up

Straight Bar Dips


Lately, I have begun training to get my first Muscle-Up, and have been completely humbled by the experience. This is a seriously advanced movement, especially for women to do! I am no closer than what a friend dubbed a “Dirty Muscle-Up,” which resembles a kip and me chicken winging my way up and over the bar. It’s ugly, meng!

My favorite training partner (who can bang out muscle-ups like no ones business) initially suggested I practice kipping pull-ups and jumping muscle ups from a low bar. But after a few sessions, and not much improvement, we decided the best game plan was to build up to it by getting stronger revisiting dips and increasing my numbers on my strict pull-ups. Today, I broke up 50 reps of each movement into a few sets, with small 1-2 min rests between. I also added a variety of mixed-grip push-ups and hanging leg raises, but kept the focus on switching between over and underhand grip pull-ups, and dips. I am going to stay on this regimen for a few weeks and possibly revisit Pavel’s Fighter pull-up program to increase my reps.



I am excited to see my progress, as this is a move I would like to be able to perform for at least one clean rep! Have a great Tuesday, friends, stay strong and feel free to ask me any questions or even share any training suggestions you may have for me! 


2 Replies to “Road to the glorious muscle-up”

  1. So if I interpret this 5RM progression for pull up strength, it’s a daily practice 5 sets for decreasing reps. Is there any info on other exercises that are done during this time or is it 30 days of pull ups only? Just curious, thanks 🙂

    1. Hey Phil great hearing from you! This program is specifically for pull-ups, so it could be an add-on to whatever you are already doing in your regular routine. The point is by the end of the month, you should be able to test your MAX and it should have increased your rep max by 3-5 more pull-ups….ideally!

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