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End the Matting Compromise - Introducing SYLOID® CAT 11 Silica

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Developed for high-performance polyurethane coil and general industrial coatings applications

Retaining adequate catalyst activity by accepting a less efficient matting is an unfortunate tradeoff in today’s fast-paced coatings market. End the compromise with Grace SYLOID® CAT 11 silica, an untreated silica matting agent developed for high-performance polyurethane coil and general industrial coatings applications.

In high bake polyurethane systems, standard silica matting agents significantly reduce the catalyst activity, resulting in diminished cure response. With SYLOID® CAT 11 silica, excellent cure response – even at low gloss levels – can be achieved. Developed to reduce the impact on catalyst activity, SYLOID® CAT 11 silica’s unique skeleton design effectively minimizes the catalyst-silica interaction keeping the catalyst active during the curing process.

SYLOID® CAT 11 silica matting agent benefits

  • Lower cost-in-use
  • Very good matting efficiency
  • Low impact on catalyst activity, especially tin based catalysts for PU systems
  • Outstanding gloss/sheen ratio
  • Comparable mechanical properties to polymeric matting agents
  • Easily dispersible

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