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Plastic and Rubber Additives

Grace's leading silica additives improve the processing and product properties of plastic and rubber applications

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Anti-Blocking Agents

Synthetic silica gels such as SYLOBLOC® silicas are highly efficient "anti-blocking" agents engineered to prevent layers of polymer or plastic films from sticking together. Grace SYLOBLOC® silica portfolio includes both plain silica and physical blends of silica with slipping agents in integrated or melt-in form. SYLOBLOC® silicas can also be used as specialty plastic additives for plate out protection, pigment dispersion, mold release, grinding agent and carriers for liquids.

Grace is a Leader in Anti-Blocking Technology

The use of SYLOBLOC® silica anti-blocking agents prevents layers of polymer films from sticking together – known in the industry as "blocking". SYLOBLOC® silica anti-blocking agents also enhance the surface structure of films resulting in improved scratch-resistance. Grace has a wide range of products in our portfolio for various film thicknesses and polymer types.

SYLOBLOC® silica anti-blocking agents are non-toxic, synthetic amorphous silica with purity exceeding 99%. Such synthetic silica provides several advantages in polymer films and your manufacturing processes including:

  • High efficiency - only low concentrations are needed to attain desired effects
  • Excellent dispersibility and high film clarity
  • FDA and BGA compliance for food contact
  • Consistent and reproducible product quality

Combining silica with organic additives such as fatty acid amides can offer additional performance benefits to the SYLOBLOC® silica anti-blocking agent product line. Porosity, average particle size, number of organic additives, and other physical characteristics can also be adapted to meet specific requirements.

SYLOBLOC® Silica Applications and Grades

The SYLOBLOC® silica anti-blocking product family includes a wide range of engineered silica-based for the plastic films industry. 

SYLOBLOC® silicas materials are approved in nearly all licensed Polyethylene and Polypropylene technologies.

Grace SYLOBLOC® silica anti-blocking portfolio includes several other grades not explicitly mentioned in the product selector above.  

SYLOBLOC® Silica Combination Grades

Combination grades consist of physical blends of plain anti-blocking silica grades with one or more slipping agents. Our product portfolio includes some “out of shelf” grades based on specific silica/slipping aid(s) ratio. Customized blends can be developed to suit your specific needs and requirements. A Grace team member can assist with providing additional information to help determine which grade or customized solution would be best for your application.

Rubber and Tire Additives

PERKASIL® precipitated silicas are widely used in a variety of synthetic rubber applications including tires, technical rubber, footwear, and silicone rubber. They act as reinforcing agents to achieve the desired properties for the finished product. ​

The primary rubber reinforcing agent are carbon black ("black filler”) and precipitated amorphous silicas ("white filler”). Reinforcing "white" fillers such as PERKASIL® silicas are effective in rubber formulations to add tear strength, abrasion resistance, and aging resistance.


Initiatives to reduce waste and pollutants from discarded tires have motivated the tire industry to improve wear, performance, and longevity to help minimize tire waste. Use of PERKASIL® precipitated silicas reduces tread rolling resistance and improves dry/wet grip properties and tread wear.

In OTR tire tread formulations, PERKASIL® silicas improves cut, chip, and chunk resistance. In addition, PERKASIL® silicas improve steel cord adhesion to rubber in the steel belt layer of the tire.

Technical Rubber

PERKASIL® silicas improve the mechanical properties of the vulcanized rubber, resulting in improved tensile strength, tear strength, tear resistance, and​ abrasion resistance. Typical applications for PERKASIL® silicas include:

  • Roll coverings (NRB, EPDM, SBR)
  • Conveyor belts (NR)
  • Transmission belts
  • Gaskets, seals (Q)
  • Cables
  • Sheathing (CR, CM)
  • Flooring
  • Footwear

Reinforcing "white fillers”, such as PERKASIL® precipitated silicas, has advantages in footwear applications compared to "black fillers” including improved abrasion properties, reduced flex cracking, and fatigue. White-filled shoe soles also do not leave black marks on flooring. Grace's PERKASIL® silicas can be used in a variety of footwear applications:

  • Shoe soles
  • Transparent shoe soles
  • Micro-cellular soles
  • Thermoplastic rubber soles

Titanium Dioxide Extenders

Grace’s silica material technology helps to achieve optimum performance and economies

SYLOWHITE™ MB 220 titanium dioxide extender (TiO2) is an amorphous synthetic product designed to deliver enhanced TiO2 extender performance in plastic applications. Its intrinsic chemical purity and optical properties (high L value and low b value) help to reduce or eliminate the crowding effects ensuring efficient use of TiO2. This is crucial for process efficiency and optimum economics. 

See how SYLOWHITE™ MB 220 titanium dioxide extender may help achieve a more efficient and cost-effective use of titanium dioxide in our Technical Data Sheet.

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