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POLYTRAK® Catalysts

A flexible catalyst toolbox to leverage the dynamic capabilities of the bulk process

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A Flexible and Reliable Solution

The ability to be flexible, yet reliable, in a dynamic market is essential when it comes to achieving success in the bulk process. And having a versatile polypropylene catalyst that serves a broad range of demanding resin applications is essential.

As the largest independent catalyst supplier, our polypropylene history begins over 20 years ago with the development of the polypropylene Ziegler-Natta 4th generation catalyst for optimization in the bulk process.

But a lot has changed in 20 years, and as the paradigm shifts in today's polypropylene market continue to evolve and expand expectations, you need to respond quickly to meet the resin demands of your customer. 

A Catalyst that Works for You

You need to be able to ensure that the polymerization conditions are just right to produce consistent products and high catalyst yields.  You need to maintain high production rates and superior resin quality. You need a catalyst with excellent morphology so that you can maintain your production rates. You need a catalyst with low fines to minimize costly reactor sheeting and carry-over.  And you need a catalyst that can be used across a variety of applications to minimize your catalyst transitions and plant downtime. You need a catalyst that performs for you.

Our POLYTRAK® catalysts are superior spherical carriers with excellent mechanical strength, high surface area and porosity.  These features provide you with the high production throughput and low fines that you need to meet your customer’s application needs and deadlines while providing you with the peace of mind of fewer plant interruptions.

Value Delivered with POLYTRAK® Catalysts

  • Excellent PP morphology with superior flowability, low fines and high bulk density
  • Improved product properties with high selectivity, good H2 and C2 incorporation
  • Broad operating window allows for a wide range of melt flow and XS targets with one catalyst solution for BOPP film, raffia, film, injection molding, fiber and pipe/auto/appliance applications.

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