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For nearly a century, Grace’s FCC catalysts have kept fuel and petrochemical feedstocks flowing from the industry’s largest refineries to the trucks, trains, planes, and ships that keep our world running. We are leveraging our long history of innovation in fluid catalytic cracking to develop products that enable lower-carbon fuels and help meet the challenges of the energy transition.

In this issue of Catalagram®, you’ll find several articles about producing more sustainable fuels by co-processing biofeeds in refiners' fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) units. Plus, we announce Grace’s latest innovation, PARAGON™ vanadium-trapping catalysts which can help reduce refinery emissions and ART’s latest innovation, the ENDEAVOR™ catalyst system to help produce sustainable aviation fuels. Advanced Refining Technologies LLC (ART) is a joint venture of Grace and Chevron.

From improved product performance to increased profitability, Grace’s FCC catalysts and additives and ART’s hydroprocessing catalysts and catalysts systems deliver significant value in challenging refining environments. For more than 60 years our experts have demonstrated this value with thoughtful articles and detailed case studies in Catalagram. Check out our archive and download past issues.

What's inside:

  • Defossilizing the FCC Unit via Co-processing of Biogenic Feedstocks
  • ENDEAVOR™: ART's New Catalyst System to Produce Renewable Diesel and Sustainable Aviation Fuel
  • PARAGON™ Catalyst: Grace’s Breakthrough Integral Vanadium-trapping Technology
  • Preemraff, ART and CLG Partner to Maximize Profitability During the Pandemic
  • Maximizing Renewable Feed Co-processing at an FCC: A Real-World Journey
  • Ask the Experts: How Do ART and Grace Provide Value to Customers? 

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